Drivers 3dfx

Drivers are being linked to EFA11’s driver archive at the moment.  My site is in transition at the moment and once I have upgraded it where I don’t have anymore bandwidth restrictions I will be moving all of the files to locally.  If you download any drivers from their site please be sure to include a big thanks to them hosting them for you.

Voodoo 4/5

3dfx Beta V5 6000 Drivers Win9x w/modified INF   2/22/00   Beta 8 Drivers for Win9x
3dfx Beta Version 1.04.01 Win9x w/modified INF   2/02/00   Beta 7 Drivers for Win9x
3dfxBeta Version 1.04.01 Win2k w/modified INF   2/02/00   Beta 7 Drivers for Win2k
3dfx Beta Version 1.04.01 Win9x/Me   11/29/00
3dfx WHQL Version 1.04.00 Win9x/Me   11/09/00
3dfx WHQL Version 1.04.00 Win2k   11/09/00
3dfx Beta Version 1.00.00 WinNT   10/26/00
3dfx Official Macintosh Version 1.1.2   09/20/00

Voodoo 3 3500TV

3dfx Beta3 for Win9x/Me  12/01/00
3dfx Beta5  for Win2k  12/01/00
3dfx WHQL Version 1.04.02 All Languages  03/20/00

Voodoo 3 2000/3000

3dfx WHQL Version 1.07.00 Win9x/Me 11/07/00
3dfx WHQL Version 1.03.00 Win2k  11/07/00
3dfx WHQL Version 1.04.00 WinNT4.0  01/27/00

Voodoo Banshee

3dfx WHQL Version 1.04.00 Win9x  07/21/00
3dfx WHQL Version 1.04.00 WinNT4.0  07/21/00
3dfx Beta Version 1.02.02 Win2k  06/06/00

Voodoo 2

All Versions of V2 Drivers at EFA11 Driver Archive  01/27/00