Here it is, the long awaited tweak guide from This guide will consist primarily of the settings that myself and Nautis have found to give us the most performance while bringing out the best visual quality.  So without any further rambling…..
This guide is currently based on the Beta3 drivers that have been provided by Nautis.  You may obtain the drivers by clicking here.

Tweaking Basics

Drivers are without a doubt the most important part of this entire equation. You should start out your tweaking journey by heading to this page to pick up the latest recommended drivers that we have for your downloading pleasure. If you are not one that likes to use beta drivers then please hit the main driver page and pick up the latest WHQL offering from 3dfx.

For starters we are going to be covering the BIOS settings you should be using with your new Voodoo5.

Video BIOS Shadow: Disabled
Video BIOS Cache: Disabled
Palette Snoop: Disabled
AGP Turbo Mode: Disabled
PnP Aware OS: Yes
AGP Aperture Size: 4 (it’s useless on a 5500 model so just disable it)
Resources Controlled by: Auto
Assign IRQ to VGA: Yes
Disable the L2 external cache on Super Socket 7 motherboards if experiencing severe game crashes, or major instability.
Enable CPU WRITE ALLOCATE or K6 WRITE (this setting is usually necessary for DirectX games to work correctly on Super 7 boards)

K6 Users: if your BIOS doesn’t have this setting, update the BIOS

This should cover most everyone.  If you have any specific questions about your BIOS settings please feel free to drop me an E.

The latest recommended drivers already have the LOD Bias slider installed along with some other toys for you to play with.  If for some reason you are still needing to use the drivers that came with the CD then you can download the registry patch that enables the LOD slider here.